JOR Volume 3 Issue 1 – Jan-June 2016

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Journal of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation: New Inning
Ashok Shyam
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Case Report & Study Articles
Intra articular olecranon osteotomy and adhesiolysis for treatment of post traumatic elbow stiffness.
Harshad L. Adhav, Rajendra Y. Nehete, Anita R. Nehete
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Correlation of Voluntary Control (brunnstrom Stage of Recovery) with Activities of Daily Living (adls)
and Motor Function in Stroke Patients

Bhalerao Gajanan, Chaudhari Mayuri, Rairikar Savita
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Fear of   Movement : Kinesiophobiain Knee Arthroplasty Cases- A Cross-Sectional Study
Divya Desai, Suroshree Mitra, Dabadghav Rachana
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