Editorial – Journal of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation: Second Innings

Ashok Shyam1

Journal of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation (JOR) was first published in the year 2011 and it was the first journal from the Orthopaedic Research Group even before our flagship Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports was published. It was launched at prestigious Ranawat Orthopaedic Conference at the hands of Dr C.S. Ranawat himself. However those were early days when we lacked technical knowledge and the expertise in publishing. JOR suffered due to our ignorance and while the team learned new methods and started more journals, JOR was neglected. However we had a commitment made to all the authors who had published in the first issue, we cannot let their articles go waste. And the team always had a soft spot for JOR, it being the first journal.
Revival of JOR was not easy, it was as if we are doing the first issue all over again. But we had the back up of our editorial team and our research group and we are committed toward not only reviving JOR but making it one of the best journals in Orthopaedics. We have designed a new website for JOR and the entire article template is changed. The articles are now presented in a beautiful format and design. We are now presenting all article in both HTML and PDF format for better indexing. XML formats will soon follow to make the indexing requirement complete. We will be providing doi [digital object identifier] numbers for all the articles, thus making a permanent online record.
There are also certain changes that are been effected, like rapid peer review which will be done in collaboration of our editorial board a reviewers board. A maximum time of 4 weeks is promised for the decision. Also we will undertake peer review for all the articles submitted to it. The research group network has grown in last few years and includes thousands of orthopaedic surgeon across the globe. We will be making JOR visible to all our members and will promote the journal thourgh all our resources, so that all articles receive maximum exposure.
I invite all our readers to submit articles to us and u can even join us an editorial board member or reviewer.

Dr Ashok Shyam
Editor- Journal of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Email: drashokshyam@yahoo.co.uk

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